Online Health/Fitness Coaching with Custom Nutrition Coaching


Online Health/Fitness Coaching for busy professionals. Older professionals are busy and I focus on maximizing your time to make your health/fitness a priority. By investing in your health and fitness you will feel better and be more productive and successful at your business and everyday life.



Online platform you can sign in by computer or smart phone includes the following.

  • Workout Program including video’s and you can record your workout to evaluate exercise form.
  • Calendar with reminders, habits, and check ins.
  • Nutrition Guidance with food diary pictures and text.
  • Progress photos with comparison
  • Results tracking
  • Unlimited email questions/communication
  • Informational PDF’s
  • Supplement Recommendation (Immediate downloadable upon signup)
  • FREE Food Intolerance, Nutrient, and Metals testing by hair sample.

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